Skin of Major Nechaev from Atomic Heart

A selection of realistic skins of Major Nechaev from the game Atomic Heart. Having devoted his whole life to the service, in return Major Nechaev received only numerous injuries, psychological problems and a feeling of deep loneliness. To get rid of which, according to Sechenov, it was possible if he installed an implant capable of causing hallucinations in Nechaev and turning his body into an unstoppable combat unit, similar to the “Winter Soldier” from the Avengers. Skins of robo-ballerina girls, the image of Baba Zina and other characters from Atomic Heart can be found here.

Skins from Atomic Heart Skins from Atomic Heart Skin of Major Nechaev from Atomic Heart

Skins installation

Step-by-step instructions for installing the skin =>

For license:

  1. Downloading the skin;
  2. Open your profile page on the official website;
  3. Click “Browse” and select the downloaded file, click Upload;
  4. Ready.

For the pirate:

  1. Change your nickname in the launcher to the name of the downloaded skin;
  2. Ready

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